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Hi, we`re Robert and Liliana Apice. We started Fangorn Ranch in 2015 after retiring to a hilly 38 acre plot in Wisconsin and welcoming two new horses, Gio and Gandalf, to the barn. From a young age, Robert was always more fascinated by fantasy and the woods than the humdrum routine of the concrete jungle. He spent his childhood swinging toy swords pretending to battle goblins and ghouls on an imaginary horse in his backyard. Meanwhile, Liliana excelled at creating gorgeous handcrafted goods from home decor to greeting cards.

When we retired, Robert finally had the time and opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning and riding horses. It was then that our passions reached an intersection, with Robert starting to take an interest in high quality, unique horse tack that was nearly impossible to find. That is when we decided to take the reins and simply make our own. When we started getting approached about our tack on trails and at events, we realized many riders felt the same way we did: unique, handmade, high quality horse tack was in short supply. That is when we started Fangorn Ranch, a place to point all of the like minded riders we came across on trails around the country.

Fangorn Ranch is a place where horse tack is creative and unique again, and every stitch is made by a human hand. Not only do we strive for gorgeous designs, but we test everything on the trail and source durable, high quality leather that will withstand the adventures its riders and horses put it through. Thanks so much for stopping by, and we hope to see you and your horse out on the trail sometime.!

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